How Converting Services Can Improve HVAC System Efficiency

As concerns about energy costs and climate change grow, HVAC manufacturers are facing increased pressure from consumers to improve the energy efficiency of both commercial and residential HVAC system components. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, films and foils can add significant value by enhancing the energy efficiency of HVAC systems in a number of ways, including environmental sealing, lightweighting and more. But to maximize the value of these materials, manufacturers need the right tape converting partner. Here’s how PSA tapes and tape converting services from Bristol Tape can help HVAC manufacturing organizations achieve energy efficiency goals.

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Sealing and gasketing

The efficiency of HVAC systems depends on creating airtight seals to prevent heated or cooled air from leaking out of the system or being diverted to areas where it isn’t wanted. We can convert a wide range of gasketing materials and adhesives to form airtight seals for various HVAC components and bonding applications. For example, 3M™ VHB™ tape offers extremely strong bonding to a variety of substrates and can create an airtight seal with a very thin bond line. We can help HVAC manufacturers select adhesives that are compatible with mating surfaces and can withstand the temperatures of HVAC operating environments. By providing durable, effective sealing, adhesive tape solutions can increase energy efficiency of HVAC components.

Panel bonding

Panel bonding is one of the most common applications for adhesive tapes in the HVAC manufacturing industry. Whether it’s large duct panels or structural panels on ACs, furnaces and other HVAC equipment, adhesive tapes can provide reliable panel-to-panel or panel-to-frame bonding solutions. These solutions are not only reliable, resistant to chemicals and can withstand significant hot or cold temperatures, but they are also lightweight. This helps lower transportation costs and fuel usage, reducing the total environmental impact of HVAC component production.

Eliminating mechanical fasteners

Screws and rivets are used frequently in HVAC assemblies to secure panels and other components. But these mechanical fasteners can rust, corrode and come loose over time. When that happens, environmental seals between panels can become compromised, reducing energy efficiency in the system. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes can replace these fasteners and provide reliable, long-term bonding between components. For example, the bond strength of 3M™ VHB™ tape actually increases over time. By eliminating mechanical fasteners and using adhesive tapes instead, HVAC manufacturers can speed up the assembly process, reduce total system weight, eliminate unwanted noise and vibration and reduce maintenance costs.

Watertight seals for water pumps

For larger, commercial systems that involve water pumps and related equipment, leaking components are sure to negatively impact energy efficiency. But adhesives can provide reliable, watertight seals. We can convert adhesive transfer tapes and other durable materials to create watertight seals with incredibly thin bond lines. This not only helps improve system efficiency, but also enhances the durability and aesthetics of HVAC systems with increased design freedom.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation can boost system efficiency and improve product safety by effectively managing thermal energy. We can die cut insulating foams, tapes and other materials to exact specifications with tight tolerances to enhance thermal management solutions.

The value of tape converting services

There are many benefits to using adhesive tapes, films and foils in HVAC manufacturing applications. Materials are lightweight, durable, easy to work with in the manufacturing environment and there is minimal waste. But maximizing that value requires a skilled tape converter like Bristol Tape. We convert flexible materials to the exact size, shape and format required to streamline manufacturing processes and component assembly. We offer die cuttingslittingsheetinglabeling and more and can achieve tight tolerances on complex projects. We work with a wide range of materials and our status as a 3M™ Preferred Converter gives our clients access to high-quality materials and valuable resources. By working with Bristol Tape to convert adhesive tapes, films, foils and other materials, HVAC manufacturers can increase operational efficiency, control costs and improve energy efficiency in HVAC systems.

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