Uncommon Uses for Tape in Everyday Life

Quick, name all the items around you right now that incorporate tape as part of their design or have used it in the manufacturing process. You'd be surprised by how many that is. Being in the tape business for more than 25 years and counting, we've had the privilege to serve a wide variety of industries, ranging from general industrial to aerospace to electronics to HVAC and many more. But even our clients who use adhesives every day as a crucial part of the job would be surprised at how often, how varied and how extensively tape is used — in places you'd least expect it.

Tape is everywhere. It's in everything you own. Your car, home, windows, appliances, electronics, phone, TV, fridge — everything. Clothing. Eyeglasses. We haven't even mentioned bonding dissimilar surfaces.

Here are a few examples of ways tape weaves its way into the fabric of our lives.

Leather upholstery, accessories and clothing. Love that leather couch, purse or jacket? Tape was used to bind layers together to create a strong bond. It's also used to bind edges together to prevent fraying, and tape is used in assembly to hold pieces together temporarily as they're run through a stitching machine. Tape creates a "third hand." It holds material in place so you can do the final assembly.

Car carriers. Do you ever bungee your cooler or extra suitcase on a car carrier attached to your tow hitch when it won't fit in the trunk? Thank tape for its sturdiness.

Speaking of cars... Tape holds the upholstery together and holds your dashboard in place. The auto industry uses it because of the weight of tape vs. hardware. Love going from zero to 60 lightning fast? Tape reduces overall weight of the car so it can go faster and be more energy efficient in the process. Batteries for vehicles are enormous, heavy and get hot, and tape plays a crucial role. One of our largest clients is creating solutions for batteries.

Medical wearables. These could be patches loaded with medicine for time-released dosages, EKG patches, glucose monitors, heartbeat monitors and other medical devices that need to stay in place (IV lines, for example). All of these medical items need tape to stick but the tape needs to be specially manufactured to stick to skin: a strong hold that won't damage tender skin.

Electronics. Tapes hold a circuit board in place and also can provide cushioning and sound buffering. Also, clear, pressure-sensitive tapes hold the screens of your smartphones in place.

Speaking of smartphones... When you're talking on the phone for a long period of time, it can heat up. Double-sided tape guards against overheating. After that long call with your mother, thank tape for making sure your ear isn't scorched. It also provides a barrier against steam and small amounts of moisture. It won't protect your phone if you drop it into the bathtub (get that bowl of rice ready!) but it will keep your your phone in working order on a humid, foggy day.

Sports. Tape is everywhere on the field, from stickers that go under eyes in a night game to the manufacture of padding, guards and uniforms.

Skyscrapers. Look up! All of those windows in the buildings in your city employ pressure-sensitive tape in various ways.

When it comes to tape woven into the fabric of our lives, the list is endless.

You know what else is endless? The creative ways we can help you use tape for your application.  Let's talk about how we can help you use tape today!

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