Quick, name all the items around you right now that incorporate tape as part of their design or have used it in the manufacturing process. You'd be surprised by how many that is. Being in the tape business for more than 25 years and counting, we've had the privilege to serve a wide variety of industries, ranging from general industrial to aerospace to electronics to HVAC and many more. But even our clients who use adhesives every day as a crucial part of the job would be surprised at how often, how varied and how extensively tape is used — in places you'd least expect it.

Tape is everywhere. It's in everything you own. Your car, home, windows, appliances, electronics, phone, TV, fridge — everything. Clothing. Eyeglasses. We haven't even mentioned bonding dissimilar surfaces.

Here are a few examples of ways tape weaves its way into the fabric of our lives.

Leather upholstery, accessories and clothing. Love that leather couch, purse or jacket? Tape was used to bind layers together to create a strong bond. It's also used to bind edges together to prevent fraying, and tape is used in assembly to hold pieces together temporarily as they're run through a stitching machine. Tape creates a "third hand." It holds material in place so you can do the final assembly.

Car carriers. Do you ever bungee your cooler or extra suitcase on a car carrier attached to your tow hitch when it won't fit in the trunk? Thank tape for its sturdiness.

Speaking of cars... Tape holds the upholstery together and holds your dashboard in place. The auto industry uses it because of the weight of tape vs. hardware. Love going from zero to 60 lightning fast? Tape reduces overall weight of the car so it can go faster and be more energy efficient in the process. Batteries for vehicles are enormous, heavy and get hot, and tape plays a crucial role. One of our largest clients is creating solutions for batteries.

Medical wearables. These could be patches loaded with medicine for time-released dosages, EKG patches, glucose monitors, heartbeat monitors and other medical devices that need to stay in place (IV lines, for example). All of these medical items need tape to stick but the tape needs to be specially manufactured to stick to skin: a strong hold that won't damage tender skin.

Electronics. Tapes hold a circuit board in place and also can provide cushioning and sound buffering. Also, clear, pressure-sensitive tapes hold the screens of your smartphones in place.

Speaking of smartphones... When you're talking on the phone for a long period of time, it can heat up. Double-sided tape guards against overheating. After that long call with your mother, thank tape for making sure your ear isn't scorched. It also provides a barrier against steam and small amounts of moisture. It won't protect your phone if you drop it into the bathtub (get that bowl of rice ready!) but it will keep your your phone in working order on a humid, foggy day.

Sports. Tape is everywhere on the field, from stickers that go under eyes in a night game to the manufacture of padding, guards and uniforms.

Skyscrapers. Look up! All of those windows in the buildings in your city employ pressure-sensitive tape in various ways.

When it comes to tape woven into the fabric of our lives, the list is endless.

You know what else is endless? The creative ways we can help you use tape for your application.  Let's talk about how we can help you use tape today!

As concerns about energy costs and climate change grow, HVAC manufacturers are facing increased pressure from consumers to improve the energy efficiency of both commercial and residential HVAC system components. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, films and foils can add significant value by enhancing the energy efficiency of HVAC systems in a number of ways, including environmental sealing, lightweighting and more. But to maximize the value of these materials, manufacturers need the right tape converting partner. Here’s how PSA tapes and tape converting services from Bristol Tape can help HVAC manufacturing organizations achieve energy efficiency goals.

To learn more, download our latest resource, Improving HVAC Systems with Converted Materials.

Sealing and gasketing

The efficiency of HVAC systems depends on creating airtight seals to prevent heated or cooled air from leaking out of the system or being diverted to areas where it isn’t wanted. We can convert a wide range of gasketing materials and adhesives to form airtight seals for various HVAC components and bonding applications. For example, 3M™ VHB™ tape offers extremely strong bonding to a variety of substrates and can create an airtight seal with a very thin bond line. We can help HVAC manufacturers select adhesives that are compatible with mating surfaces and can withstand the temperatures of HVAC operating environments. By providing durable, effective sealing, adhesive tape solutions can increase energy efficiency of HVAC components.

Panel bonding

Panel bonding is one of the most common applications for adhesive tapes in the HVAC manufacturing industry. Whether it’s large duct panels or structural panels on ACs, furnaces and other HVAC equipment, adhesive tapes can provide reliable panel-to-panel or panel-to-frame bonding solutions. These solutions are not only reliable, resistant to chemicals and can withstand significant hot or cold temperatures, but they are also lightweight. This helps lower transportation costs and fuel usage, reducing the total environmental impact of HVAC component production.

Eliminating mechanical fasteners

Screws and rivets are used frequently in HVAC assemblies to secure panels and other components. But these mechanical fasteners can rust, corrode and come loose over time. When that happens, environmental seals between panels can become compromised, reducing energy efficiency in the system. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes can replace these fasteners and provide reliable, long-term bonding between components. For example, the bond strength of 3M™ VHB™ tape actually increases over time. By eliminating mechanical fasteners and using adhesive tapes instead, HVAC manufacturers can speed up the assembly process, reduce total system weight, eliminate unwanted noise and vibration and reduce maintenance costs.

Watertight seals for water pumps

For larger, commercial systems that involve water pumps and related equipment, leaking components are sure to negatively impact energy efficiency. But adhesives can provide reliable, watertight seals. We can convert adhesive transfer tapes and other durable materials to create watertight seals with incredibly thin bond lines. This not only helps improve system efficiency, but also enhances the durability and aesthetics of HVAC systems with increased design freedom.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation can boost system efficiency and improve product safety by effectively managing thermal energy. We can die cut insulating foams, tapes and other materials to exact specifications with tight tolerances to enhance thermal management solutions.

The value of tape converting services

There are many benefits to using adhesive tapes, films and foils in HVAC manufacturing applications. Materials are lightweight, durable, easy to work with in the manufacturing environment and there is minimal waste. But maximizing that value requires a skilled tape converter like Bristol Tape. We convert flexible materials to the exact size, shape and format required to streamline manufacturing processes and component assembly. We offer die cuttingslittingsheetinglabeling and more and can achieve tight tolerances on complex projects. We work with a wide range of materials and our status as a 3M™ Preferred Converter gives our clients access to high-quality materials and valuable resources. By working with Bristol Tape to convert adhesive tapes, films, foils and other materials, HVAC manufacturers can increase operational efficiency, control costs and improve energy efficiency in HVAC systems.

Looking for tape converting services for HVAC manufacturing applications? Contact Bristol Tape today and see how we can help you improve products and increase manufacturing efficiency.

For more than 70 years, Bristol Tape Corporation has been building a tradition of excellence as a family-owned tape converter. From our humble beginnings in a basement to now serving major OEMs and Fortune 500 companies, we’ve experienced significant change and growth over the years. But one thing has always stayed the same: our commitment to providing precision tape converting services with outstanding quality and support. Now in our fourth generation of family ownership, we’ve developed deep experience in not only converting services, but also the markets and applications our customers work in every day. We use that experience to innovate new solutions and deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

The early days

The company was founded in 1950 by business partners George Martin and David Howarth. At the time, Howarth was a salesman for Permacel Tape and the two saw a need for a small job shop to provide adhesive products to various manufacturers. They realized they could get at least one more roll of tape by lathe slitting the end rolls, or butt rolls, of tape and decided to buy the equipment and open up shop in Fall River, MA.

In the 1960s, Martin wanted to retire but none of his children were interested in continuing the business. So, his daughter, Geraldine (Gerry) Borden, and her husband, Malcolm ‘Mac’ Borden, purchased the company. To get out of the basement, the company moved to their first real facility in 1970-71.

David Borden and his brother Bruce started working for the company in the 1970s. During that time, the company was simply called Bristol Tape, until it was incorporated in 1975 and became Bristol Tape Corporation. The pair ran the business with their parents, who were still very much in control of the operation.

Growth and expansion

In 1987, the company built a new 16,000-square-foot building that would better suit expanding operations. We have been in our current location ever since.

The company grew from a two-man operation in the 1950s to about 25 employees in the 1980s. Today, we employ around 45 dedicated professionals who share our commitment to quality products and customer service.

In truth, the business hasn’t changed much since the early days. We still specialize in die cutting and slitting adhesive tape materials. But we’ve also expanded services to include labeling, sheeting, distribution services and more.

In the '80s and '90s, a majority of our business consisted of “tape and reel” projects, mainly producing semiconductor packaging. We’ve diversified since and now work with household name brands and some of the top OEMs in a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, aerospace, appliances, consumer electronics, HVAC, medical and more.

“We haven’t really changed much,” Brent Borden said. “It's the business around us that’s changing, and we continually add new technology and processes to support that.”

In 2010, the company passed to the fourth generation and is now owned by Caryn Borden, Brent Borden and Bruce Borden.

Supporting our community

The company has never left Fall River, MA, and we are proud of our deep roots in this community. When we recently made the decision to build a new facility, which is currently under construction, we knew there was nowhere else we’d rather be.

“Since day one, we've always been in this city. So, we've been employing people here for almost 75 years,” Brent Borden said. “We value the people here and this is our home.”

The new facility will be located less than a mile from our current location, just on the other side of the business park.

Building toward the future

Our new facility will be roughly 35,000 square feet in size and provide the power and space we need to continue expanding our operations. Business has grown significantly in recent years, and we are excited for the future and all the great things to come. While we’ve experienced extraordinary growth since the early days, we have never forgotten our roots and the values that have made our business a success all these years.

“We’re proud to be a fourth-generation family business and we truly value the relationships we’ve built with our customers,” Brent Borden said. “We look forward to continued growth and finding new ways to support our customers so we can help them achieve their goals.”

To experience the difference a family-owned company with 70+ years of converting experience can make for your business, contact us today.

From electric vehicles to consumer electronics and all manner of industrial applications, demand is growing for powerful, safe, efficient batteries. But battery manufacturers face a host of challenges when trying to develop new battery models. At Bristol Tape, we help manufacturers overcome those challenges with customized converted material solutions. We work with a wide range of materials — including many pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, films and foils — to create custom solutions that increase power density, extend battery life, boost energy-efficiency and improve user safety. Let’s explore some of the ways we can use our material converting services to enhance your battery assembly.

Custom solutions for industrial battery applications

There are many ways adhesive tapes, films, foils and other flexible materials can add value to battery products. Some common applications include:

Sealing and gasketing – We can create custom gaskets or sealing solutions for battery cells, modules and packs to create watertight or airtight seals that are durable enough to withstand harsh operating environments.

Cell-to-cell bonding – We can die cut PSA tapes to reliably bond battery cells to one another, enhancing product safety, increasing the structural integrity and extending the expected lifespan of the battery.

Bonding housing components – Battery assembly encapsulation, potting and structural bonding of other housing elements can be accomplished using PSA tapes like 3M™ VHB™ tape.

EMI/RFI shielding – Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) can cause significant disruption to electrical components if they are not properly shielded. We can enhance EMI/RFI shielding solutions with conductive tapes, films and foils that provide additional protection for important electronics components.

Thermal runaway protection (TRP) solutions – Whether you need to affix insulating foams, compression pads, add layers of conductive films or some other TRP solutions, we can convert materials — including specialty materials — to enhance TRP solutions and increase product safety.

Flame barriers – We can convert flame-retardant materials, including thermally insulating materials, high-temperature tapes, 3M™ Flame Barrier Paper FRB and other durable materials to exact specifications to create reliable, protective solutions.

Surface protection and packaging – Protective films can be die cut to exact dimensions to make them easy to apply to finished battery assemblies. This will help protect batteries during transportation and ensure customer satisfaction with end products.

To learn more, download our latest resource, Converted Materials Solutions for Industrial Batteries.

Benefits of tape converting services for battery manufacturers

Manufacturing complete battery assemblies or battery components is challenging. But the right partner can make it a lot easier. At Bristol Tape, we use our material converting services to help OEMs and component suppliers improve products and overcome their biggest obstacles. Whether you’re looking to introduce a new model or just want to optimize production for legacy designs, we can help. We produce custom parts that accelerate assembly time, improve product durability, reduce manual processes and help control costs. We are also a 3M™ Preferred Converter, which gives us access to a ton of materials, including specialty materials engineered to withstand the harsh environments of industrial battery applications. With more than 70 years of experience in the converting industry, we use our knowledge and extensive capabilities to make battery manufacturing easier, faster and more efficient so you can accomplish your strategic goals.

Looking for material converting services for battery manufacturing applications? Contact Bristol Tape today and see how we can enhance your products and boost manufacturing efficiency.

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