Bristol Tape has experience developing custom solutions for a wide range of industries, using our materials expertise and converting services to meet a variety of needs. We help engineers solve complex challenges with converted materials that increase manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce waste and save on labor. Whether you work in aerospace, defense, medical, consumer electronics, HVAC or any other industry, we can help select, source and convert the tapes and other flexible materials you need to achieve project goals. Contact us today to get started on your next project and see why Bristol Tape is the preferred choice for precision tape converting services.


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General industrial

Manufacturers of all types and sizes rely on our precision converting services to maximize operational efficiency and productivity. We work with many customers in the industrial space that come to us time and again for slitting, die cutting, sheeting, labeling and other value-added services. We work with your engineers to understand project requirements in detail so we can create the most effective, economic solution for your needs. Our status as a 3M™ Preferred Converter gives us unique access to multiple 3M™ divisions, helping you source the premium materials you need to enhance your products. By working with Bristol Tape, you get a true partner with experience and tape converting capabilities to help you achieve success in every project.


Aerospace engineers are continually looking for ways to make components lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic. This is where converted tapes and other flexible materials offer great value for aerospace manufacturers. Premium products like 3M™ VHB™ tape and other pressure-sensitive adhesives materials provide strong, reliable bonding without adding the weight of metal fasteners. So, whether you’re looking to bond large panels, eliminate rivets, need masking tapes for painting and coating projects, or have some other complex application, Bristol Tape can help devise a custom solution for your next aerospace project.


Manufacturers of major appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, freezers and more come to Bristol Tape because our converting services enhance their operations and products. We’ve helped create custom solutions using a wide range of materials including foam tapes, foils, films and other flexible materials and pressure-sensitive adhesives. We use our design, materials and manufacturing expertise to help solve challenges with panel bonding, securing internal components and reducing noise and vibration to improve the experience for consumers. By partnering with Bristol Tape, appliance manufacturers can speed production, create better machines and ultimately advance their most important business goals.


Defense contractors and others who manufacture weapons, vehicles and other military or protective equipment need dependable manufacturing partners to ensure the health and safety of end users. Many of our customers in the defense market sell directly to the U.S. Department of Defense. So, they need to ensure the highest quality of materials and care in the manufacturing process. They get both with Bristol Tape as we use our connections with major suppliers and our decades of experience to develop custom solutions to complex challenges. Our precision converting services follow strict process controls to ensure quality in every production run. We can help create solutions for a variety of defense applications and are proud to help industry leaders advance their product and operational goals.


Manufacturers of electrical equipment understand the importance of quality materials and flawless execution in the production process. Even a minor defect in a device’s construction could jeopardize the safety of end users. That’s why Bristol Tape follows strict process controls to ensure everything we do is in line with quality standards for the electrical industry. We help electrical engineers develop custom solutions for things like transformers, switchboards, generators, relays, industrial controls and other electrical products. Using our materials expertise, precision converting capabilities and strict attention to detail, we can deliver the converted material electrical manufacturers need to enhance products and achieve better business results.

Consumer electronics

Cell phones, tablets, laptops and other personal electronic devices are generally becoming lighter, thinner and more energy efficient than ever before. But making advancements in device design and performance requires quality materials and precise manufacturing processes. Bristol Tape offers both with our materials expertise and tape converting services for electronics manufacturers. We help engineers select the right adhesives solutions that provide reliable bonding, protection from EMI as well as thermal management characteristics. With thinner housing components, manufacturers need precisely cut tapes and other materials to achieve project requirements. Bristol Tape has the converting services and quality assurance processes to meet exact specifications with tight tolerances.


From simple bandages and wound care products to complex glucose monitors and other advanced technologies, medical device manufacturers face a number of unique challenges in the product development process. Product engineers often need solutions for moisture management, adhering products to different skin types and conditions, thermal management and bonding device components together without adding significant size or weight. We help overcome these obstacles with converting services that align with industry standards and regulations. We use strict process controls to eliminate contamination for sensitive devices, and our precise converting capabilities ensure quality components in every production run. To meet the needs of the healthcare industry, medical manufacturers choose Bristol Tape for their tape converting needs.


HVAC manufacturers need reliable adhesive solutions that not only meet project requirements, but enhance their manufacturing operations. At Bristol Tape, we’ve helped create custom solutions for HVAC projects using converted adhesive tape and other flexible materials. Whether you’re looking to produce air handlers, heat pumps, chillers, coils, condensing units or other types of HVAC products, we can devise a solution to meet your needs. From using VHB tape to bond panels to adding thermal protection with insulating foam materials, we can help you achieve better results in your HVAC manufacturing operation.

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