Bristol Tape's adhesives expertise helps etching company grow.

For more than a decade, Bristol Tape has provided Tech Etch with tape converting services for a range of project types and applications. Our work has added value at multiple points in the project lifecycle and allowed Tech Etch to increase automation in their manufacturing processes.


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The Bristol Tape Approach to Die Cutting

This ebook is designed to help engineers understand the true value of die cutting, how it works, and provide insights on how manufacturers can get the most out of their converter partnerships.

Case Study

Bristol Tape helps converter overcome capacity issue to build lasting partnership.

Worthen Industries was in a jam. They needed a partner who could help expand their manufacturing capacity, specifically for slitting, die cutting, labeling, and working with materials that are difficult to tool.


The Bristol Tape Approach to Tape Slitting

This ebook offers expert insights on the tape slitting process and how we help manufacturers limit waste, optimize costs, improve product performance and boost manufacturing efficiency.

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How Converting Services Can Improve HVAC System Efficiency

As concerns about energy costs and climate change grow, HVAC manufacturers are facing increased pressure from consumers to improve the energy efficiency of both commercial and residential HVAC system components. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, films and foils can add significant value by enhancing the energy efficiency of HVAC systems in a number of ways, […]

E-Book: Converted Materials Solutions for Industrial Batteries

We convert tapes and other materials for industrial battery applications, including cell-to-cell bonding, sealing and gasketing, thermal management, EMI/RFI shielding and more. Learn how we can enhance your battery products, control costs and boost operational efficiency. Download

E-Book: Improving HVAC Systems with Converted Materials

Adhesive tapes add value to HVAC applications for things like component bonding, sealing, gasketing, insulation attachment and more. Make your HVAC systems quieter, more durable and more energy efficient with custom adhesive tape solutions. Learn how we help HVAC manufacturers and suppliers improve products and overcome operational challenges using our custom adhesive solutions. Download

Building a tradition of quality service and support

For more than 70 years, Bristol Tape Corporation has been building a tradition of excellence as a family-owned tape converter. From our humble beginnings in a basement to now serving major OEMs and Fortune 500 companies, we’ve experienced significant change and growth over the years. But one thing has always stayed the same: our commitment […]

How converting services enhance industrial batteries

From electric vehicles to consumer electronics and all manner of industrial applications, demand is growing for powerful, safe, efficient batteries. But battery manufacturers face a host of challenges when trying to develop new battery models. At Bristol Tape, we help manufacturers overcome those challenges with customized converted material solutions. We work with a wide range of materials — […]

E-Book: The Bristol Tape Approach to Tape Slitting

Tape slitting is a precision converting process in which master or log rolls of adhesive tape products are custom cut to specific widths and lengths. The biggest benefit of tape slitting is that perfectly sized products allow for faster, more accurate, repeatable applications, speeding up project delivery and eliminating costly waste material.


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