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Die cutting

Bristol Tape is a leader in custom die cutting services and can fabricate a wide variety of parts for our customers. From simple designs like discs and washers to more complex and intricate custom geometries, we can die cut materials to nearly any shape to meet your project requirements. We have extensive experience die cutting a wide range of materials and match our process to provide you with the highest quality products possible. With our experience, precision, consultative approach and attention to detail, Bristol Tape is your go-to choice for custom die cutting services.


Precision die cutting

We offer precision die cutting capabilities to provide our customers with the materials they need in the exact shape and size to match their intended application. This boosts manufacturing efficiency, increases throughput and ultimately helps manufacturers control costs and ensure product quality.

We can achieve tight tolerances for a wide variety of materials and have the expertise to handle complex and intricate designs. We can also provide multi-level die cutting, meaning some materials are kiss cut and some materials are cut all the way through on the same print. This helps accommodate more complex designs and further increases manufacturing efficiency.

Our tape converting services are ISO 9001:2015 certified to ensure high-quality products with every run. The value of our precision die cutting services is that you get the materials you need in the exact format necessary to minimize handling and maximize efficiency in your manufacturing operation.

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Materials we die cut

We work with a wide range of materials to help manufacturers across industries achieve intended product performance for a variety of applications. Some of the materials we can die cut include:

  • Pressure-sensitive tapes
  • Foam tapes
  • Foils
  • Films
  • Gaskets
  • Label stocks
  • Papers
  • Rubbers
  • VHB
  • Specialty materials
  • Customer-supplied materials

Bristol Tape is a preferred 3M converter, giving us unique access to high-quality 3M materials. We also have strong, long-standing relationships with many other major materials suppliers. This ensures we can source the quality materials you need to create outstanding products for your customers.

If you have a specific material you need die cut, connect with us and we can evaluate all options to find the ideal die cutting or converting process for your application.

Type of die cutting

Bristol Tape is proud to offer multiple types of die cutting processes to meet a variety of needs. We take time to learn about your materials and final application and then use the optimal process to help you achieve your goals. This means you always get the highest quality products with the greatest cost and manufacturing efficiency possible.

Rotary die cutting

This process uses a rotating cylindrical die
and blades to cut materials to custom shapes. Rotary die cutting is ideal for high volume projects where fast turnaround times are required.

Steel rule die cutting

This process uses a sharp steel rule — or knife — to cut material against a hard, flat surface. This cost-effective process is ideal for a wide range of materials and applications where high edge quality is important.

Flatbed die cutting

A subset of steel rule die cutting, this process uses a hydraulic flatbed press to facilitate the cutting of materials. It is best used for low-volume projects and larger products.

Punch press cutting

This process uses multiple dies to punch holes or notched edges into materials. It is most commonly used on thin materials for medium to high-volume projects.

Kiss cutting

This process utilizes a blade to cut the top layer of a material while leaving any backing substrates — like a liner — intact. This process is most often used with products like labels where
individual labels need to be die cut while
maintaining the integrity of the underlying sheet.

Butt cutting

Butt cut parts have been die cut so there is little or no space between the edges of individual parts. This helps minimize waste to control costs and reduce your operation’s environmental impact.

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